Interviews with the Cast

In April 2020, Artist Soapbox released our second full length scripted audio drama THE NEW COLOSSUS. Listen to two bonus episodes that feature short interviews with the cast of THE NEW COLOSSUS audio drama.

They are as lovely as they are talented.


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This is the transcript for the entire series!

Want more amazing audio fiction from Artist Soapbox?


MASTER BUILDER, written and directed by Tamara Kissane, is a quirky audio drama based on Henrik Ibsen’s tragedy about ambition and its collateral damage.

Running a total of 90 minutes and divided in two episodes, MASTER BUILDER tells the story of the rise and fall of Helen ‘Sully’ Sullivan, an intensely passionate and charismatic architect who designs outrageous homes for the very rich.

Listen to the DECLARATION OF LOVE audio anthology

The Declaration of Love Project: Eleven original audio pieces written by NC playwrights

Co-producers Aurelia Belfield and Tamara Kissane of Artist Soapbox commissioned eleven NC playwrights to craft short audio scenes based on the prompt “Declaration of Love.”

Though the resulting original pieces span the gamut in style, setting, and content, they all spark our emotions and unleash our imagination through story and sound.

Recorded remotely by local actors, the finished scenes have been lightly sound designed by David Hill, and were released to the public on Oct 27-30, 2020.